Wednesday, December 12, 2007 First Publication
UOCA's New Government’s policy for the Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA)

Formulated in Darwin YHA 13/8/3
1st revised 22/7/5 Melbourne
2nd revised 1/7/9 Thoran's house, Belgrave
3rd revised 8/12/9 World Parliament of Religions, Melbourne
4th Revision 16/8/12 Daintree UOCA Ashram, North QLD

5th Revision 21/1/15 ANU Unilodge room 162
It is the intention of UOCA to lobby that the United Nations adopts these fundamental rights into the United Nations charter and constitution.
These are the fundamental yet mutable rights of existence for humanity. These rights are a guide and can through a proper process be modified, evolve, change, or be removed. Because these rights are fundamental to humanity any such changes can only be made through a two third majority of the world parliament and must be put to a referendum of the people of Earth and its inhabitants beyond the Earth, such that a majority in a majority of regions agree.

Once the below suggested rights are clarified, and agreed upon, in the first UOCA Constitution, then they should not be something lightly changed as they should provide the bedrock for human stability and evolution on the path to utopia.

The rights listed below are merely a suggestion as to the appropriate rights that are needed for the world government and no doubt need improvement. The same is also true of the plan for humanity.


Political Aims of Unification Organisation of Collective Ascension (UOCA)



1. All creatures are equal - The right to equality.

No one is to be regarded as superior or inferior to anyone or anything else. We all came from the same place and are made of the same matter and energy. In an ultimate sense this is unconditional love. Therefore all humans shall have equal treatment under all laws unless it is specifically in the interests of all and in particular that group or individual that the treatment differ. We are all brothers and sisters of each other and children of the supreme spirit that resides in all of us. This does not mean that we are the same or that we have equal abilities and attributes - this is our uniqueness that is essential for the divine drama of life to play itself out, known in Hinduism as Maya and in Macbeth as the poor player.

It simply means spiritually we have as great and no lesser right to exist than anything else. This means that our inherent inequality is understood for what it is as a purely material manifestation coming from divine love that is pure spirit and knows no inequality. Therefore when we do use our unequal individual abilities and talents that we do so knowing that this unique gift is a privilege ultimately ruled by love and when we accept others abilities and talents we do so with gratitude knowing that they are equally subject to this divine law of love. Therefore everyone has the right to correct the behaviour of anyone who asserts their superiority over others and to correct anyone who allows themselves to be treated with inferiority by others. This is the right to equality.

2. The right to be One or Nothing (or the right to god or no god).

This is the right of religious freedom. Ultimately we came from the same source, are made of the same energy and matter and subject to the same physical laws of the universe. We originate from the stardust of the Cosmos. And this originated from the energy created by the Big Bang that formed matter. Before this there is a kind of uncertainty. We may have come from the oneness of a singularity, the eternity of the vibrating loops of the superstring or from nothing at all.
We only exist dependent upon each other, this planet and the universe. Our physical being has no separate existence from this creation. We will also return to the same source. This gives us the right to exist in harmony with the creation as we are it.


This One can be called god or spirit or love. All of us have this right to peace eternal whether we chose to accept the existence of god or not. Ultimately the One is us collectively. We are both part of the whole and the whole is within us. This is the paradox. Therefore we are one and not one. Our right to Oneness or not, is our right to freedom to believe what we wish. It is our right to the truth - whether this be relative or absolute. In physics this Oneness is represented by the singularity that created the Universe according to the Standard Model.

Beyond the One is the emptiness or nothingness of what Buddhists describe as the emptiness of dependent arising from inherent existence. This is our entry into the unknown and unknowable. Beyond the cosmic consciousness to the realm of multiverses and the uncertainty of their existence. This is the realm of the Superstring theory that unites all physical forces. That exists in multiple dimensions. And that also puts a limit on the contraction of space.

3. The right to wealth

The entire wealth of the Universe is to be owned by no-one and all of us have an equal right to all of it and to be able to utilise that wealth in our best interests in a fair, legal, and organised manner that respects everyone collectively.

Ultimately all wealth is to be shared equally. All income is to be divided equally between the people. Limited incentives may be paid to people engaging in difficult or dangerous tasks. Private possessions will ultimately be limited to basic necessities. All other possessions to be shared by the local collectives. The purpose of this is to instil in humans the concept of sharing and non-attachment to the material possessions here whilst also teaching them to respect these objects, maintain them, create them and use them efficiently without selfishly grasping onto them excluding others.


This may sound very extreme, however it is a very long term goal of UOCA and although similar to communism, the fundamental difference is that communism forced this transition using violence, very quickly and it failed to be efficient. Humans are too selfish currently for communism to work, therefore for the utopic goal to be achieved there will be a transitional stage gradually reducing the inequalities of wealth in the world. Initially an economic strategy must be developed to replace capitalism and redistribute the world's wealth in a way that is more efficient and fairer and more prosperous for all than capitalism. Possibly as part of this transition corporations will be taken over by the People, either to be run by the Government or local collectives or co-operatives. Wealth may be initially limited to an income cap of $500,000 per person and $10 million dollars in assets. This would be gradually reduced to a level where all receive an equal income and assets are owned collectively by local cooperative associations. From there a transition will occur to take humanity away from money and a system will be developed where all is shared responsibly similar to the way ashrams currently operate. Experimental ashram communities will be set up to allow for this transitional process to develop.

4. The right to evolve

All creatures have the right to evolve. If any sentient being is dissatisfied with their current condition then they have the right to improve it. Humans have the right to change their conditions using any means available. This must be balanced by considering the rights of others. Inherent in this right is the right to free speech.


The right to evolve using both lawful and unlawful actions is in exact measure to the injustice or dissatisfaction it seeks to remedy. Precedence must be given to lawful processes to reform society. Unlawful means may only be adopted where the legal process has become corrupted, tyrannical and anti-democratic in breach of basic human rights such that the laws being made by that government are unjust and in breach of these basic rights and in effect that government is enacting laws that in themselves are unlawful by international standards. In the end we must accept that laws in themselves are made by humans and are by corollary imperfect and are there to guide us – if that is not being achieved by the law then we have a right to change it. All action to change must be moderated or tempered by the concept of "ahimsa" or non-violent reform such that any use of force is mitigated by an aversion to violence which does everything possible to minimise harm to bring about beneficial change to society and attempts to use all peaceful and democratic governmental procedures to the fullest possible extent before any other means are used. So too these rights are not immutable and are subject to the same right to change and evolve with time. All citizens have the right to speak freely their opinions and to promote their opinions as they see fit. Unless the result of so doing breaches another right contained here in which case the laws need to balance the benefits of the competing rights to determine which takes precedence. Encouraging others to act violently clearly in breach of other rights would be an example of precedence being taken to prevent the operation of that right to evolve because arguably that is not evolution but devolution.

5. The right to an education and livelihood

All have the right to be educated and work unless they choose not to. This means the society or state must provide education and work for all its adult citizens at a fair wage until retirement. Those incapable of working shall be paid a fair income. Those reaching a retirement age shall be paid a fair income.


The government must provide education from childcare to university for all citizens. It must provide this in a manner such that no citizen is prevented from access. Ultimately this should be done at no cost to the citizen. The government must have the highest regard for education, promote it and ensure its citizens are being educated to the highest possible level. It must balance that against the needs of the citizen and the society such that education is efficient, enjoyable and achieves practical outcomes for the benefit of the society and economy. The government must intervene to ensure almost zero unemployment even if it has to create jobs to do so. An economic system needs to be developed that ensures these jobs created are efficient and not wasteful as occurred under socialist communist systems. It must not be at the mercy of market forces so avoiding depressions due to market volatility and lack of regulation. If one citizen is being paid to do nothing by the government the government has failed that citizen, harmed that citizen and humiliated that citizen. This is unacceptable to even treat one citizen in this manner. It is of utmost importance that the world come together to create the economic system that prevents this from occurring. This is the single greatest cause of social delinquency on the planet.

6. The right to control capital and information - both tangible and intangible

All the people shall control all the capital that humanity has collectively. Ultimately the means of production and all capital assets are to be owned by the Government. This will eventually place control of all assets in the hands of the people. To further protect the people against potential representatives or government abuse, all people shall have access to Government property and information without exception at all times where practical and if no significant harm could result to the state or the people or individuals. Furthermore any person can petition for an investigation into any representative or government body.

This right is inherently connected to the third right to wealth and it will be achieved gradually over a long period of time in a fair and organized manner reducing private capital and ownership beginning with the largest and most critical capital that represents the most gross exploitation of wealth by the elite of the masses; e.g. Microsoft, IBM, Ford, Boeing, the energy and communication companies, etc. All control of the assets of the Government is to be ultimately exercised by the elected representatives of the People. Again this is very similar to the goal of communists, however the communists failed in implementation of a good goal due to lack of foresight as explained in purport of the third right.

7. The right to rule

The people shall directly control the government by a total direct democracy where each citizen may vote on all laws being enacted and contribute to debate over those laws. This goal will be worked towards through the use of information technology. As this goal is worked towards the people shall have the ultimate say over their government by electing representatives to rule over them and for their benefit selflessly. The individual or citizen will have absolute unfettered freedom to choose whomever the person decides to represent the citizen provided that representative follows the proper procedures to put himself forward as a candidate for election. Those procedures will not prevent a citizen from election on any discriminatory grounds whether due to ideology, theology or any other reason. To further protect the people against potential government misuse of power there shall be 'Checks and Balances' between judiciary, executive and legislative such that they will be independent of each other.

8. The right to be healthy, protected and protect the environment

All people shall be protected by the Government from harm by any means, including being provided proper health care including holistic and alternative health care at minimum cost including dental care and providing proper healthy sports, exercise, adventure sports, including all facilities and strongly promoting and obliging citizens to participate in such. Meditation and yoga will be strongly encouraged including in the education system and ultimately will be compulsory for all citizens to practice.  All animals shall be protected from harm. The environment shall be protected including plant life, ecosystems, atmosphere, oceanographic and geological systems in a sustainable manner. This protection will be such that it will not denigrate or impede any other right and will only enforce those rights and the sovereign freedoms of the individual.


This right includes the right to be protected from abuse both within the society and outside. To be protected from aggression whether physical and psychological and to be protected from discrimination on any grounds. Facilities and assistance to prevent such abuse must be created. Citizen’s advice to help citizens must also be provided. Citizen’s living in situations harmful to themselves, both in uncleanliness, lack of hygiene, violence and lack of education must be assisted to improve their lives for the benefit of themselves and the collective. All rights come with reciprocal obligations and restrictions on liberties that are necessary to protect those rights for all. It is not an acceptable freedom to say I have a right to harm others or myself unless it is to promote another right. In this respect we have obligations to help others and ourselves, and if necessary an obligation to accept the help of others. However, any help must not forced upon another, but offered with the greatest of respect, concern and care, mindful of the other's rights. As much as possible people should have the right to live as they please in the manner that they wish.

9. The right to move

The people and every person has the right to live and go wherever they like as long as they do not unduly harm the rights of another or the community.


Ultimately there will be no borders and no restrictions on movement of people in the world. During the transition to ending the nation states with their inherent inequality and creation of separation of humanity, the following transitional rules shall apply to protect this human right to move whether economic, cultural, religious or for any other reason. No person shall be put in detention as a result of attempting to immigrate under any circumstances. This does not restrict detaining people if they are a threat to harming themselves or others, or breaching any other law of that state that their citizens would be subjected to. Detaining persons to make those determinations must be done promptly. Till borders are done away with there must be some disincentive to those illegally immigrating to make it fair for those that properly follow the legal process. Rapid deportation as an interim measure if there is no danger to the person deported is not disallowed. Refugees in real danger and their right to be protected would be breached if deported are exempt. Preventing refugees entering the nation at their border is only allowed if the people would not be put in danger by blocking their entry and have a viable relatively safe place to return to. Onerous requirements to repay the government for processing costs are to be exempt for refugees or reasonable cases; only clearly unreasonable attempts to migrate illegally shall be subject to penalties and repayment must be balanced against the income and ability to repay of the offender.

10. The right to monitor

The people shall have the right to monitor the performance of the Government and all aspects of society and economy to determine if it is being properly managed or needs to change. An universal identification card for each citizen correlating all information across all sectors will be used. Privacy laws shall protect the individual’s information from misuse, however the information must be freely available unless it is harmful to the individual to such an extent it outweighs the public interest.


Government Statistics, using all market or other research tools including focus groups, sample groups, etc, shall be primarily used to monitor citizens and nations progress to determine objectively the achievement of all other manifesto points/rights. All citizens shall have access to this information and shall co-operate fully in the information being obtained, unless proven significant harm results that grossly overrides the public interest. An independent body will maintain this service and an independent commission will determine any objections. The Government will be obliged to implement the findings and results found. They must implement the proposals objectively and without bias, unless significant harm could result including affecting any of the above 10 rights. This right to monitor is to be safeguarded with protections against the information being misused and citizen’s may object to the implementation of this power, the content of the information, the manner in which it is held, the way it is used, the privacy of it, the process by which it is collected, etc. An independent body of the judiciary will enforce this.






A. Environmental, Economic, Political, Military and Health Holistic Plan

The Thousand Year Plan Canberra 2001 (technically the thousand year golden age does not begin till the second foundation in 2501 and the plan officially ends in 3501 with the planet entirely on rawfoods; however if certain catalytical changes are expedited the Golden age can be considered began on 2001 and will end in 3001, this will require a revision of dates as appropriate – a more conservative estimate has now been made due to the failure in 2001 leading to the cataclysmic S11 WTC attack and the failure to make the South Africa connection just prior to this – see Efil Ym, Byron Bay. Unfortunately the Galactic Confederation – SNA made some critical errors in relation to the inherent aggression of the species homo-sapiens requiring a time extension of half a millennia to pacify them. This has also led to accelerated technical development such that artificial intelligent robots and starships had to be incorporated into humanities manifest destiny as well as a possible mass extinction event depending on the environmental pollution generated by the technology. Please accept that this is a very base channelled psychically prediction and not accurate, it is all based on certain suppositions as to mental development in humanity and in UOCA and has a premise that human beings can evolve to a fully vegetarian diet over time with beneficial affects to their health and mind. Hinduism is living proof of this now. The development of hitech should allow for a lower energy diet as the physical exertion required currently by man to work will be significantly reduced by robots. Man will become more a vessel for psychic powers which can only be enhanced by removing the karmic defilement of the killing process in relation to animals. This is the hypothesis of UOCA and subject to empirical testing and evolution of the theory. UOCA must be scientifically based and not religious scripture based dogma.)



UOCA Communist Manifesto: digression politically explaining our current political system as opposed to the Holistic world view of Fritjof Capra's Turning Point

Nevertheless this painful phase we are going through now has its own truth as in the process we realize then that we do not live in a completely free society, but a fa├žade of democracy, a pseudo-democracy thinly hiding a mostly totalitarian ruled state under the control of either capitalist or socialist elite, in which the individual has little power as war is waged between these two power blocks through parliament and legislation by the majority elected party. Groups of citizens can influence these parties through lobby groups which in turn can give rise to corruption through donations to the parties. Wealth therefore becomes a dominating factor in being able to influence party decisions and so laws. Still there is under our limited technology little else that is a better system to govern fairly everyone.  this dictatorship through parliament and representatives from the power blocks is far preferable than an actual dictatorship or totalitarian state like China where dissent is imprisoned. Free will is limited and individual freedoms guided by the rule of law are oppressed in the name of consensus and arbitrary judiciary that decisions are based on the whims of those in control, not objective laws and truth. Yet Covid19 shows that strict control has its benefits in preventing pandemics. Human rights suffer as minorities are persecuted who do not conform to the government value system. Social control through face recognition, social credits vilifying people and imprisonment for outright dissent reduce human rights and individual dignity and respect. Technology and wealth generation can still boom despite this as long as the market is not curtailed.

In our democracy The State allows a certain level of corruption in the health, economic power of its citizens and in looking after the environment (corruption in health in the form of alcohol, pharmaceuticals, junk food, obesity, meat, swearing, gambling, violent entertainment, pornography, prostitution etc and economic corruption in the form of capitalist ownership exploiting workers, eg CEO bonuses, share trading, monopolies, billionaires and environmental corruption in deforestation, carbon pollution, water pollution and misuse, electromagnetic pollution from communication towers, genetic manufactured food, support of the car industry and lack of proper public transport, animal cruelty and exploitation in particular poultry and pork) but will not tolerate corruption beyond that level as a means not only to prevent harm to the people of the state, but because allowing this level of corruption is a means to control the people so that they continue to act to benefit the aims of the state without rebelling or impinging significantly upon the wealth of the capitalist elite or the rights of the union movement. These aims largely follow the aims of the Capitalist or Socialist elite. 

There is a fine balance between the wants of the individual and the state, where the media will react if the state attempts to legislate against the perceived interests of the individual, unions or the capitalist elite. The state for instance did attempt to restrict alcohol and make prostitution, gambling and pornography illegal and it abandoned this because a significant minority of the individuals within the state ignored the law and greater harm was being caused by lack of regulation. If the individual gains too great an awareness of spiritual truth and attempts to change themselves, or others, or to alter or expose the corruption in the system, the state and the media will attempt to discredit them or even imprison them if it determines that its ability to control its citizens [through allowing this degree of corruption in their environment, economic, health and mental state] is being threatened. (This is not dependent on drug abuse, Rawfooders not taking any drugs have been imprisoned under the MHA in Australia purely on the basis of their diet being considered harmful. Osho was imprisoned and his ashram closed down in USA. Ananda Marga was harassed and members imprisoned in Australia. Communist party in Australia was outlawed, harassed and members imprisoned. Environmental and Animal Rights groups have been harassed and members imprisoned) As hallucinogenic drugs can open up this awareness the state makes them illegal. A current example of this conflict between socialism and capitalism is the equitable mining tax to redistribute wealth under the Socialist government. In this case the government is attempting to create a fairer distribution of wealth, yet the media under the capitalist elite have swayed the people against the tax using their propaganda as it attacks their wealth interests.

The state is partially correct in its anti-drug laws as using these drugs, especially without proper guidance, vastly accelerates the individuals psychic consciousness often to a level beyond its ability to process harmoniously and in most instances is harmful and so correctly made illegal. However the state has made an error in its approach to these drugs by not seeing how they can be used beneficially and correctly educating the people about this. Hence many people disobey the law and are unnecessarily damaged as a result. When a significant minority continuously disobey a law it is an indication the law needs reforming. James believes that there should be strict control over drug use and in most instances they should be illegal. However a reform committee in government is required to determine how to educate people, especially at the school level, as to the harm these drugs can cause and why they are illegal. Further than this the beneficial and correct use of these substances needs to be investigated with university research so that people can be educated correctly as to the use of these substances.

Australia, James believes is in part a pseudo-democracy, due for the most part to its electoral laws that have supported a two party dictatorship where the party hierarchy dictates to its members policy. This hierarchy is significantly manipulated and controlled by wealthy individuals and large corporations under the National-Liberal Party Coalition, which although two parties represent the capitalist elite in the agricultural sector for the Nationals and all other industries for the Liberals. Although their electorate differs and specific industries they represent, effectively they act for the same capitalist form of elite, so can be classified as one party block. Labor, as a socialist workers party is significantly more democratic and concerned about human rights, however it still suffers the same problem of hierarchy and manipulation by an entrenched union movement who have their own self interests and often corruption. James believes this system needs reform also to more democratically reflect the interests of the multifarious nature of society through proportional representation and removing hierarchical control within parties by more democratic processes in particular in relation to pre-selection of candidates for representation.

The fact that for instance in 2007 the Green Party received 7.8% of the vote nationally yet has no representation at all in the lower house of Federal parliament whilst the right wing National Party on 5.5% gained 10 seats, exemplifies this pseudo-democratic system of representation that skews itself to the capitalist elite exploiting a localised-electorate voting system rather than using proportional representation. Again failure to address this has led to the two major parties getting out of touch with the people they represent and operating in a dictatorial ruler based mentality where the leader has far too much power. However that Howard was removed suggests that there is some level of democracy under our system; yet the fact he remained there so long indicates its need for reform. James believes we need a new People's Republic of Australia with a new constitution -see his article on a second referendum.

Society appears to James to be subliminally advancing by scientific technical evolution to eventually develop a new form of silicon life to replace our carbon based life form. This is being achieved by having the population sedated and controlled through the subconscious machinations of the entertainment, communications, robotics, pharmaceutical and medical industry. Whether this is a natural evolution of civilisation or encoded in our universe's biology, or of divine origination regardless of what the reason for this progression for humanity is there is absolutely no doubt that it is occurring. In particular the health industry while achieving some miraculous advances in the last two centuries for the benefit of all is still only superficially based on health because due to its compartmentalised approach it most often suppresses the symptoms of disease rather than curing. In fact the direction it is heading in more and more is towards keeping people disempowered and subservient to a system that is ultimately based on cruelty and fear having its base in animal testing and ultimately medical experimentation through using artificially manufactured chemicals on humans - of which in 1995 James was going to be forcibly sectioned and injected had he not protested during his 48 hour incarceration by the State on Mental Health grounds. He believes that this subliminal progress unchecked will be followed by genetic engineering and then cybernetics to improve the species then replace it with robots (the new artificial intelligent silicon life form evolving) within 1000 years. This was in part his motivation for starting UOCA. He expects scepticism to this viewpoint, however this is nothing knew to humanity as all predictions have been scoffed at, including those stating the sun was at the centre of the solar system (the state jailed Galileo for this heresy), that man could fly in an aircraft, land on the moon, that the universe contained galaxies, that space and time are relative, that particles exist as an uncertainty, even the laws of gravity were denied when Newton proposed his theory and finally opposition to Darwin's biological theory of evolution nearly drove him to his death and still has religious fundamentalists in agony. The inevitable reality is without the Hollywood hype Arnie Schwarzenegger's Terminator trilogy is closer to the truth than most body builders could imagine. Robots may not in the end try and eliminate us, but they will certainly supersede us and may through AI start to question our continued use - limiting us instead to nature reserves like we do endangered species or keeping us as pets or for animal experimentation science in order to assess their past evolution.





2020-4500    Bring Enlightenment via holistic system of balanced spiritual awareness through mind training, education, health, exercise and nutrition by creating the prototype utopia for the planet - Project Eden



1.     UOCA MIND


2025-3600    phased in end to negative speech and thoughts using UOCA mind techniques



2100-2350 Begin intensive deconditioning of population using UOCA holistic mind/body techniques and practices

3.        UOCA END-BET

2020-2400    Phased banning of gambling - worst first

4.     UOCA SEX
2035-2987   Educating citizens in spiritual sex to attain enlightenment and produce the best children possible. Phasing out of all negative and harmful forms of sexual behaviour including sexual violence, prostitution – worst first


2070-2540 Phasing out of private schools. All schools government controlled under UOCA curriculum and guidance.


2075-3400 Phasing out of private media control initially allowing transition to local collectives employee owned. Ultimately all media to be government controlled with independent body monitoring and reviewing influences, objectivity and biases in any media



2025-3300 Phase out violence/ pornography on TV/film, print and computer games/internet – all forms of media


2035-2550 Phase out harmful electromagnetic radiation from population areas by inventing alternatives or methods of reduction. All environmentally harmful causes of air pollution to be phased out. Same for land.


2020-2900 Phasing out of unsustainable resources use such as fossil fuels even nuclear for energy and any other resources that are unsustainable including certain minerals


2020-2300        Phasing out of all greenhouse gas emitting machines and other causes of emissions until sustainable levels are reached that are not harmful to the planet.



2015-2600     Phasing out of all polluting and unsustainable factories - most toxic first



2045-3000      Phasing out of non-organic primary production so all is organic



2045-2400 - Phasing out of chemicalised water so that purify water system through biological filtration – remove fluoride and chlorine



2025-2550 Laws to prohibit animal slaughter, harvesting and farming; phased in with the cruellest removed first



2030-2095 Replace and invent alternative technology that is sustainable, such as an engine to replace the combustion that is non-polluting






UOCA Vegan

2025-2300 Campaigns to bring population over to vegetarianism and reduce meat consumption


2015-2200 Phased removal of genetic manufactured food, pesticides, fertilisers that are not organic; phasing out most toxic first



2025-2650 Progressively meat and animal products made illegal - most cruel banned first




2025-2800    Progressively toxic substances to humans to be removed from food such as sugar products phased out and made illegal




2025-3000         Refined processed food products phased out - most toxic first and made illegal



2025-2600  Gradual prohibition of all drugs and progressively in order – worst first - cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, tea and chocolate. EXCEPTION for medical use proven by research in UOCA Uni.




2035-2750       Phased end of animal testing – worst and most unnecessary first.



2025-2400 Campaigns to increase % of rawfood consumed by the population, eventually making it a legal requirement to consume at least 25% rawfood.



2400-2800 Phase in legal requirement to eat 50% rawfood


2800-3200  Staged increase in legal requirement to consume 75% rawfood

UOCA 100% RAWFOODS and protection

3200-3500 Cooking food in any way made illegal with offenders rehabilitated - those unable to be rehabilitated are to be ostracised to regressive planetary systems for rebirth. These penal colonies are to be in remote areas of the galaxy, and blocked and isolated from all interstellar traffic and connection with severe penalties for breach. In some instances memories will be removed of offenders. They are to have the privilege of fending for themselves in an environment suitable to their wishes.


3400-4500 Symbolic translation to higher self - light bodies and 8th plus dimensions using breatharian system




 2025-3500 All medical facilities to be transitioned gradually over to holistic health methods to heal using spiritual systems of UOCA and medical technology where necessary. Pharmaceuticals to be closely scrutinised and most toxic phased out first. Allopathic to be replaced by holistic medicine using a spiritual as well as technological system of healing


2100-3500         Phased end of immunisation programmes once diseases are eradicated.



2100-2550 Phasing out all prisons and detention centres to be replaced with UOCA rehabilitation health centres. Phase in detoxing, re-education and rehabilitation facilities for criminals and social deviants realising it is due to a mental and physical health disorder



2030-2390 Initially use a reformed version of PROUT (Progressive Utilitarian Theory - formulated by Ananda Marga) based on economic statistical modelling to work with government to restructure the society's economy. Capitalist ownership will be gradually phased out to a level where major industry will be under government control, medium industry under co-operatives, light industry under co-operatives or limited private ownership with income caps. This will be replaced by UOCA Economic Theory to be developed and evolve from PROUT. Wealth will thus be redistributed to the people as a whole and be generated for the benefit of all. No longer will the class of ultra rich exist. People will be rewarded according to their work output and quality of work rather than through control of capital and ownership of assets used to manipulate and exploit others for profit. This economic system will have similarities to communism, however will be distinctly different in that it will have a spiritual base to it accepting an universal divinity. It will also not use violence to achieve any of its purposes. It will be a communism that works and replaces capitalism, because it will be a more efficient, equitable, creative and progressive system than capitalism - in a word it will be a much 'collectively richer' system than capitalism. It will increase the wealth and happiness of humanity throughout the entire planet at a vastly exponentially greater rate than capitalism will ever achieve. It will motivate people to work through love of others not profit or greed. It will end the disgraceful inequities that allow ghettos to coexist with the super rich. It will be accepted for this logical reason by the common man.


2070-2390 Progressive implementation of globalised UOCA world economy. Staged removal of all regional borders and customs controls


2080-3200 Phasing out of private enterprise. All business ultimately to be controlled by government - local, regional, world. Initially this will follow the PROUT model of limited private ownership which will be phased out through collectives then government control.


2100-2600 Transition of all small and medium business and enterprises to non-profit local collectives owned by employees and local interests.






2050-2220 - Phase out current system of nation states which are pseudo-democratic and in fact controlled by a capitalist elite and implement politically all reform proposals of UOCA in its goals. Use current pseudo-democratic political system to reform the government and constitution of every nation state on the planet and convert them to regional vassals of the world government of UOCA. If necessary use people power organising a non-cooperation, non-violent reform movement similar to those Gandhi used via WNA collectives set up in all communities across all racial, cultural and religious sectors.



2100-2250 Phasing out of Nation States to be replaced by Regional Governments based on local socio-economic-cultural-environmental needs - see PROUT in IV.

2020-2070 all nation states to reform government and constitution giving each party a number of ministerial positions according to the % vote they won at the election - a committee of the parties determines which positions are allocated to each party – see Swiss government

2020-2150 all nation states to have a New Constitution with President and Confederation of States and local communities; State political process to be streamlined to end duplication; Cabinet of Ministers to be elected by all representatives of parliament - eventually by the people via direct vote for candidates.

Similar system to be adopted for world parliament in due course.


2150-2300 - Create UOCA World government based on peace to replace the UN. Regional governments will remain, but overall power will be with UOCA World. The PROUT model will form the basis of this



2050-2270 New system replacing party political system of representative democracy. Combine all parties (in Australia - Nationals, Republicans, Liberals, Democrats, Labor, Greens) into the Unification Organisation of Collective Ascension (UOCA).


2035-3500 Direct democracy participating and voting via a secure mechanism (possibly cipher encoded signature and web cam via retina detection) on the Internet on any and all legislation, regulations, committees and policy. To this effect an Holistic Card or chip embedded into the right arm or forehead will be required for all humans having all information recorded and centralised. Protection of privacy with information contained within it will be assured. This chip will be known as 666 - the number of Man.



2050-2250 Reduce ASIO, CIA, MI6 and other intelligence organisations powers to eventually phase out and replace with UOCA World Intelligence. This will be truly an intelligent organisation directly accountable to the World Parliament and closely monitored by independent and parliamentary bodies. It will be under strict guidelines and regulations with severe penalties for breach to ensure it acts legally and is dedicated to the objectives of UOCA. In particular required to act with respect to all life, upholding human rights, human dignity, human freedom, non-violence, where the means to achieve will be put at greater value than the ends to ensure all Earth's citizens are protected by this body and also protected from any misuse within this body's organisation. Its members will be tested and monitored constantly. It will be a requirement that it work in conjunction with every other department so making it an holistic intelligence.


2050-2600 Police force to be phased out and replaced with UOCA Social Monitors who will be controlled and operate on a regional basis - their prime directive will be assisting the community to responsibly interact and peacefully develop in the principals and practice of UOCA. They will have limited powers of enforcement based on similar but less stringent requirements of UOCA's Peacekeepers (see 10.). They will be monitored on a similar but less stringent basis as the Peacekeepers by their regional governments.


2030- 2410 Disarm population - phasing out most dangerous weapons first





2030-2540Remove military weapons - phasing out most dangerous first



2045 – 2350 Demilitarise - phasing out all armed forces world wide; in stages replacing them with a single UOCA World Peace Keepers that is based upon using the most passive and peaceful means in any intervention and only on the basis all other methods have not worked. The members of this force will be scrutinised and tested thoroughly to determine their pacifistic belief system, high moral integrity and loyalty to UOCA's system and its determination to be non-violent. They will be tested to determine that they have an aversion to violence and do not wish to use it such that in any event that they are forced to so act they do so with extreme reluctance and knowing it is against their prime directive and therefore mitigate any necessary violence. This force will be very closely monitored by various World independent and government bodies with ultimate control resting with the World parliament. The intent behind it will be that it will be phased out and its weaponry and size reduced, in stages as various agreed levels of world peace and socio-spiritual evolution are met



Not necessarily in the following order.

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